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Igistratos (Leader of the army - (Ancient Greek origin) - Ηγίστρατος)

Ignatius (Fire - (Latin origin) - Ιγνάτιος)

Ioanna (Joanna - God's favored - (Hebrew origin) - Ιωάννα)

Ioannis (John - God's favored - (Hebrew origin) - Ιωάννης)

Ion (Mauve - (Ancient Greek origin) - Ίων)

Ipparchos (Leader of horses - (Ancient Greek origin) - Ίππαρχος)

Ippokratis (He manipulates horses - (Ancient Greek origin) - Ιπποκράτης)

Ippolitos (He liberates horses - (Ancient Greek origin) - Ιππόλυτος)

Irinaios (Peaceful - (Ancien Greek origin) - Ειρηναίος)

Isaac (Smiling - (Hebrew origin) - Ισαάκ)

Ishmael (God is listening - (Hebrew origin) - Ισμαήλ)

Isidoros (Isidas' gift - (Ancient Greek origin) - Ισίδωρος)

Isokratis (He follows equal distances, equality - (Ancient Greek origin) - Ισοκράτης)


Jacob (James - Substitute - (Hebrew origin) - Ιάκωβος)

January (Ianus - Romans' God of transitions - (Latin origin) - Ιανουάριος)

Jason (Healer - (Ancient Greek origin) - Ιάσων)

Joachim (God stabilizes - (Hebrew origin) - Ιωακείμ)

Jonah (Pigeon - (Hebrew origin) - Ιωνάς)

Jordan (Outflow - (Hebrew origin) - Ιορδάνης)

Joseph (Having many children - (Hebrew origin) - Ιωσήφ)

Judas (Jude - Exalted, blessed - (Hebrew origin) - Ιούδας)

Jules (Thursday - (Latin origin) - Ιούλιος)

Julianos (Julian - July, Julius - (Latin origin) - Ιουλιανός)

Junios (June, Hera - (Latin origin) - Ιούνιος)

Justinos (Justin - Just, fair (Latin origin) - Ιουστίνος)


Kallistos (Most beautiful - (Ancient Greek origin) - Κάλλιστος)

Kimon (Passionate, Dark brown coloured - (Ancient Greek origin) - Κίμων)

Kleanthis (Glorious flower - (Ancient Greek origin) - Κλεάνθης)

Klearchos (Glorious lord - (Ancient Greek origin) - Κλέαρχος)

Krateros (Very strong - (Ancient Greek origin) - Κρατερός)

Kris (Nickname of Christopher - Christ bearer - (Modern Greek origin) - Κρις)

Kriton (Very clever, judge - (Ancient Greek origin) - Κρίτων)

Kyparissos (Cypress - (Ancient Greek origin) - Κυπάρισσος)


Lambrinos (Bright - (Ancient Greek origin but Modern Greek name) - Λαμπρινός)

Lambros (Bright - (Ancient Greek origin but Modern Greek name) - Λάμπρος)

Laocratis (People's power, democratic, congregational - (Ancient Greek origin) - Λαοκράτης)

Laodicus (People's trial - (Ancient Greek origin) - Λαόδικος)

Latinos (Latin - Coming from Latio - (Latin origin) - Λατίνος)

Lavrendios or Lawrencos (Lawrence - Laurel - (Roman origin) - Λαυρέντιος or Λορέντζος)

Lazarus (God has helped - (Hebrew origin) - Λάζαρος)

Leandros (Leander - Brave of people, Lion man - (Ancient Greek origin) - Λέανδρος)

Lefkios (White - Bright - (Ancient Greek origin) - Λεύκιος)

Leon (Lion of the woods - (Ancient Greek origin) - Λέων)

Leonardos (Brave lion - (German origin) - Λεονάρδος)

Leondios (Coming from a lion - (Ancient Greek origin) - Λεόντιος)

Leonidas (He looks and is Brave as a Lion - (Ancient Greek origin) - Λεωνίδας)

Longinos (Longin - Long, orator - (Latin origin) - Λογγίνος)

Lucianos (Lucian - Coming from light - (Latin origin) - Λουκιανός)

Lucius (Coming from light - (Latin origin) - Λούκιος)

Lukas (Luke, he comes from Lucania - (Latin origin) - Λουκάς)

Lycurgus (Behave like a wolf - (Ancient Greek origin) - Λυκούργος)

Lykaios (Wolf-like - (Ancient Greek origin) - Λυκίας)

Lysandra (Emancipation, Men's liberator - (Ancient Greek origin) - Λυσάνδρα)

Lysandros (Lysander - Emancipation, Men's liberator - (Ancient Greek origin) - Λύσανδρος)


Macarios ( Happy - (Ancient Greek origin) - Μακάριος)

Malachias (Soft - (Hebrew origin) - Μαλαχίας)

Manousos (God with us - (Hebrew and Venetian origin) - Μανούσος)

Marcellos (Marcel - from Marcus - Aris, warlike - (Roman origin) - Μάρκελλος)

Marcianos (From Marcus - Aris, warlike, adopted - (Roman origin) - Μαρκιανός)

Marcus (Marc - Aris, warlike - (Roman origin) - Μάρκος)

Marinos (From sea - (Latin origin) - Μαρίνος)

Marios (Shining (Ancient Greek origin) or bitter, rebellious, he who wishes for a child (Hebrew origin) - Μάριος)

Mattheos (Matthew - God's gift - (Hebrew origin) - Ματθαίος (or Μάνθος or Μαθιός))

Matthias (God's gift - (Hebrew origin) - Ματθίας)

Maximilianos (Maximilian - Maximum - (Latin origin) - Μαξιμιλιανός)

Maximus (Maximum - (Latin origin) - Μάξιμος)

Medos (Think, make up - (Ancient Greek origin) - Μήδος)

Melanchthon (Black flower, black land - (German origin) - Μελάγχθων)

Meletios (He shows interest, Saint of Orthodox Church - (Ancient Greek origin) - Μελέτιος)

Melisent (Bee, Honey - (Ancient Greek origin) - Μελισσηνός)

Menelaos (People's impulse - (Ancient Greek origin) - Μενέλαος)

Methodios (Methodical, Saint of Orthodox Church - (Ancient Greek origin) - Μεθόδιος)

Michael (Who is like God? - (Hebrew origin) - Μιχαήλ or Μιχάλης)

Milan (Merciful - (Ancient Greek origin) - Μίλων)

Miles (Merciful- (Ancient Greek origin) - Μίλης)

Milos (Merciful - (Ancient Greek origin) - Μίλος)

Miltiadis (Brave, Bloody - (Ancient Greek origin) - Μιλτιάδης)

Minas (He sends messages - (Ancient Greek origin but Modern Greek name) - Μηνάς)

Mnisarchos (Remember to rule - (Ancient Greek origin) - Μνήσαρχος)

Morpheus (God of dreams, figure - (Ancient Greek origin) - Μορφέας)

Moses (Taken out, saved (from water) - (Hebrew origin) - Μωυσής)

Myron (Sweet oil - (Ancient Greek origin) - Μύρων)


Napoleon (Lion of the woods - (Italian origin) - Ναπολέων)

Narcissus (Self-love - (Ancient Greek origin) - Νάρκισσος)

Nathanael (God has given - (Hebrew origin) - Ναθαναήλ)

Nearchus (New leader - (Ancient Greek origin) - Νέαρχος)

Nektarios (Sweet juice - (Ancient Greek origin but Modern Greek name) - Νεκτάριος)

Neoklis (New glory - (Ancient Greek origin) - Νεοκλής)

Neophytos (New blooming, He who is baptised Christian - (Ancient Greek origin but Modern Greek name) - Νεόφυτος)

Nephon (Sober - (Ancient Greek origin) - Νήφων)

Nestor (Traveler, Wisdom, He who comes back - (Ancient Greek origin) - Νέστωρ or Νέστορας)

Nicandros (Man's victory - (Ancient Greek origin) - Νίκανδρος)

Nicanor (Winner - (Ancient Greek Macedonian origin) - Νικάνωρ)

Nicholas (Nickname of Nicholaos - People's victory - (Ancient Greek origin) - Νικόλας)

Nicholaοs (Nicholas - People's victory - (Ancient Greek origin) - Νικόλαος)

Nickitas (Victor - (Ancient Greek origin) - Νικήτας)

Nicodemus (People's victory - (Ancient Greek origin) - Νικόδημος)

Nikaretos (He who wins with virtue - (Ancient Greek origin) - Νικάρετος)

Nikiforos (Victorious - (Ancient Greek origin) - Νικηφόρος)

Nikon (Victor - (Ancient Greek origin) - Νίκων)

Nikos (Nick - People's victory - (Ancient Greek origin) - Νίκος)


Odysseus (Ulysses - Full of wrath, Gods' persecuted, wanderer - (Ancient Greek origin) - Οδυσσεύς or Οδυσσέας)

Olympios (He who lives in mountain Olympus - (Ancient Greek origin) - Ολύμπιος)

Onoufrios (Thougthful, always happy - (Ancient Egyptian origin and Modern Greek name) - Ονούφριος)

Orestes (Mountain, Mountaineer, Modest - (Ancient Greek origin) - Ορέστης)

Orion (The hunter, time, care - (Ancient Greek origin) - Ωρίων)

Orpheus (Orphan, mystic, magical - (Ancient Greek origin) - Ορφέας)

Othello (Acute - (Latin and Ottoman origin, created by Shakespeare) - Οθέλλος)

Othon (Otto - Wealthy - (German origin) - Όθων)


Pagratios (Pancras - Powerful - (Ancient Greek origin) - Παγκράτιος)

Pamphilos (Everybody's friend - (Ancient Greek origin) - Πάμφιλος)

Panagiotis (Holy Mary - (Modern Greek origin) - Παναγιώτης)

Pandeleimon (Pantaleon - He graces everyone - (Ancient Greek origin but modern name) - Παντελεήμων or Παντελής)

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Pandeleimonia (She graces everyone - (Ancient Greek origin but modern name) - Παντελεημονία)

Panos (Nickname of Panagiotis - Holy Mary - (Modern Greek origin) - Πάνος)

Panthea (Of all the Gods - (Ancient Greek origin) - Πανθέα)

Paraskevas (Preparation - (Hebrew and Ancient Greek origin) - Παρασκευάς)

Paris (Name in Iliad - also Nickname of Paraskevas - Preparation - (Hebrew and Ancient Greek origin) - Πάρις)

Patrickios (Patrick - Lord, noble, father - (Latin origin) - Πατρίκιος)

Patroclus (Glory of homeland, He a glorius father - (Ancient Greek origin) - Πάτροκλος)

Paul (Small - (Latin origin) - Παύλος)

Pausanias (He alleviates sorrow - (Ancient Greek origin) - Παυσανίας)

Pelagios (From the sea - (Ancient Greek origin) - Πελάγιος)

Pentheas (Fifth, Mourner - (Ancient Greek origin) - Πενθέας)

Periandros (He who is beyond other men - (Ancient Greek origin) - Περίανδρος)

Periklis (Glorious - (Ancient Greek origin) - Περικλής)

Perseus (Accomplish my goals after much effort, destructor - (Ancient Greek origin) - Περσεύς or Περσέας)

Peter (Stone, steady, unshaken - (Ancient Greek origin) - Πέτρος)

Phaedros (Shining one, happy - (Ancient Greek origin) - Φαίδρος)

Phaidon (Happy, smiling - (Ancient Greek origin) - Φαίδων)

Philander (Adoring - (Ancient Greek origin) - Φίλανδρος)

Philippos (Philip - Loves horses - (Ancient Greek origin) - Φίλιππος)

Philodemos (He loves people - (Ancient Greek origin) - Φιλόδημος)

Philomenos (Song lover, Friend, Lover of the moon - (Greek and Latin origin) - Φιλούμενος)

Philopimin (Shepherd's friend - (Ancient Greek origin) - Φιλοποίμην)

Philostratos (He loves army - (Ancient Greek origin) - Φιλόστρατος)

Philotheos (God's friend, he loves God - (Ancient Greek origin) - Φιλόθεος)

Phineas (Oracle - (Ancient Greek origin) - Φινέας)

Phoebus (Bright one, clean, pure - (Ancient Greek origin) - Φοίβος)

Phoenix (Mystical bird, Purple - (Ancient Greek origin) - Φοίνιξ or Φοίνικας)

Phokion (Seal - (Ancient Greek origin) - Φωκίων)

Pilate (Spear, pike - (Roman origin) - Πιλάτος)

Pirros (Blond and red - (Ancient Greek origin) - Πύρρος)

Platon (Broad-shouldered - (Ancient Greek origin) - Πλάτων)

Plistonikis (He has many victories - (Ancient Greek origin) - Πλειστονίκης)

Poliarchos (Lord of the city - (Ancient Greek origin) - Πολίαρχος)

Polidefkis (Very sweet - (Ancient Greek origin) - Πολυδεύκης)

Polixenos (Very hospitable - (Ancient Greek origin) - Πολύξενος)

Polybios (He lives many years - (Ancient Greek origin) - Πολύβιος)

Polychronios (He lives many years - (Ancient Greek origin) - Πολυχρόνιος or Πολυχρόνης)

Polydoros (Generous - (Ancient Greek origin) - Πολύδωρος)

Polykarpos (Fertile - (Ancient Greek origin) - Πολύκαρπος)

Polymnios (Many hymns - (Ancient Greek origin) - Πολύμνιος)

Polynikos (He wins many times, very compative - (Ancient Greek origin) - Πολύνικος or Πολύνεικος)

Polytimos (Precious - (Ancient Greek origin) - Πολύτιμος)

Polyzois (He lives many years - (Ancient Greek origin but modern name) - Πολυζώης)

Poseidon (Neptune, he gives streams, God of the sea in Greek Mythology - (Ancient Greek origin) - Ποσειδών)

Prodikos (Before the trial, first judge - (Ancient Greek origin) - Πρόδικος)

Prodromos (He precedes, he foretells something that will happen - Epithet for John the Baptist - (Ancient Greek origin but modern name) - Πρόδρομος)

Prokopios (Successful, able - (Modern Greek origin) - Προκόπιος)

Protagoras (First in public - (Ancient Greek origin) - Πρωταγόρας)

Pythagoras (Ancient Greek mathematician and philosopher, he informs the public - (Ancient Greek origin) - Πυθαγόρας)

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Raphael (God has cured - (Hebrew origin) - Ραφαήλ)

Rhodes (Rose - (Ancient Greek origin) - Ρόδος)

Rigas (King - (Medieval Greek and Latin origin) - Ρήγας)

Romanos (Roman - strong - (Latin origin) - Ρωμανός)

Romeos (Romeo - Citizen of Rome, Greek - (Roman origin) - Ρωμαίος)

Romulus (Citizen of Rome - (Latin origin) - Ρωμύλος)

Roussos (Red - (Latin origin) - Ρούσσος)


Samson (Sun - (Hebrew origin) - Σαμψών)

Samuel (Name of God - (Hebrew origin) - Σαμουήλ)

Savvas (Restful, Saturday, old - (Hebrew origin) - Σάββας)

Savvatios (Restful, Saturday, old - (Hebrew origin) - Σαββάτιος)

Savvinos (Restful, Saturday, old - (Hebrew origin) - Σαββίνος)

Sebastian (Withdrawn or coming from town Sebasti - (Latin origin) - Σεβαστιανός)

Sebastos (Respectable - (Ancient Greek origin but modern name) - Σεβαστός)

Seraphim (Burning angel - (Hebrew origin) - Σεραφείμ)

Sergios (Servant, he adores walking - (Latin origin) - Σέργιος)

Silas (Gentle, desirable - (Hebrew origin) - Σίλας)

Simeon (He has listened God - (Hebrew origin) - Συμεών)

Simon (God has listened - (Hebrew origin) - Σίμων)

Simos (Nickname of Simeon - God has listened - (Hebrew origin) - Σίμος)

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Sisyphus (Cunning - (Ancient Greek origin) - Σίσυφος)

Socrates (People's savior, sensible, wise, judicious, strong - (Ancient Greek origin) - Σωκράτης)

Sofoklis (He who has glory of a wise - (Ancient Greek origin) - Σοφοκλής)

Solon (Radical - (Ancient Greek origin) - Σόλων)

Sophianos (Wise - (Ancient Greek origin) - Σοφιανός)

Sophocles (Glorious for his wisdom - (Ancient Greek origin) - Σοφοκλής)

Sophronios (Self-controlled, wise, reasonable - (Ancient Greek origin) - Σωφρόνιος)

Sotirios (Saviour - (Ancient Greek origin but modern name) - Σωτήριος)

Spyridon (Spirit (Latin origin) or he who creates baskets for fish or wealthy, he who has much wheat (Ancient Greek origin but modern name) - Σπυρίδων)

Stavriani (Cruzita - cross - (Ancient Greek origin but modern name) - Σταυριανή)

Stavrianos (Cruz - cross - (Ancient Greek origin but modern name) - Σταυριανός)

Stavros (Cruz - cross - (Ancient Greek origin but modern name) - Σταύρος)

Stavroula (Cruzita - cross - (Ancient Greek origin but modern name) - Σταυρούλα)

Stelios (Nickname of Stylianos - Star, steady like a column, one can depend on him - (Ancient Greek and Latin origin) - Στέλιος)

Stephanos (Stephen or Steven - Crowned, wreathed - (Ancient Greek origin) - Στέφανος)

Stergios (Durable - (Ancient Greek origin but modern name) - Στέργιος)

Stratoklis (Glorious soldier - (Ancient Greek origin) - Στρατοκλής)

Stylianos (Star, steady like a column, one can depend on him - (Ancient Greek and Latin origin) - Στυλιανός)

Sylvanus (Forest, Woods - (Latin origin) - Σιλβανός)

Sylvester (Silver, forest - (Latin origin) - Σίλβεστρος or Σιλβέστρος)

Sylvios (Forest - (Latin origin) - Σύλβιος)


Talos (Giant protector of Minos island - (Greek Mythology) - Τάλως)

Tarasios (Of Tarentum (Latin origin), Trouble maker (Ancient Greek origin but medieval name) - Ταράσιος )

Tatiannos (Tidy - (Latin origin) - Τατιανός)

Taxiarchis (Beginning of οrder, Epithet for Angel Michael and Angel Gabriel - (Ancient Greek origin but Modern Greek name) - Ταξιάρχης)

Telemachus (He is far away from the battle or he fights from far - (Ancient Greek origin) - Τηλέμαχος)

Telly (Nickname of Aristotle or Theodore - Man who finishes perfectly his goals or Gift of God - (Ancient Greek origin) - Τέλης)

Terence or Terry (He aids or assists - (Latin origin) - Τέρενς or Τέρρυ)

Thalis (Blooming - (Ancient Greek origin) - Θαλής)

Thanos (Nickname of Athanasios - Noble, Immortal (Ancient and Modern Greek origin) - Θάνος)

Themistoklis (The glorious defender of law - (Ancient Greek origin) - Θεμιστοκλής)

Theodoros (Theodor - Gift of God - (Ancient Greek origin) - Θεόδωρος)

Theodosios (Given to God - (Ancient Greek origin) - Θεοδόσιος)

Theodotis (God gives - (Ancient Greek origin) - Θεοδότης)

Theofrastos (God stops - (Ancient Greek origin) - Θεόφραστος)

Theoklitos (God calls - (Ancient Greek origin) - Θεόκλητος)

Theoktistos (God builds - (Ancient Greek origin) - Θεόκτιστος)

Theologos (He who speaks about God - (Ancient Greek origin) - Θεολόγος)

Theonas (Near God - (Ancient Greek origin) - Θεωνάς)

Theophanis (God's epiphany - (Ancient Greek origin) - Θεοφάνης)

Theophilaktos (He who is protected by God - (Ancient Greek origin) - Θεοφύλακτος)

Theophilus (God's friend - (Ancient Greek origin) - Θεόφιλος)

Therapon (Servant, He who cures - (Ancient Greek origin) - Θεράπων)

Theron (Hunter - (Ancient Greek origin) - Θήρων)

Thersitis (Rude - (Ancient Greek origin) - Θερσίτης)

Thomas (Thomas - Twin - (Hebrew origin) - Θωμάς)

Thoukididis (He who praises God - (Ancient Greek origin) - Θουκυδίδης)

Thrasivoulos (Bravely thinker - (Ancient Greek origin) - Θρασύβουλος)

Tilemachos (Fighting far away from home - (Ancient Greek origin) - Τηλέμαχος)

Tim (Nickname of Timothy - One who honors God - (Ancient Greek origin) - Τιμ)

Timeus (Perfect, honest - (Ancient Greek origin) - Τίμιος)

Timoleon (I honor what I say - Powerful as a lion - (Ancient Greek origin) - Τιμολέων)

Timon (Valued, respected - (Ancient Greek origin) - Τίμων)

Timos (Nickname of Timothy or Polytimos - One who honors God - (Ancient Greek origin) - Τίμος)

Timotheus (Timothy - One who honors God - (Ancient Greek origin) - Τιμόθεος)

Titan (Of the giants - (Ancient Greek Mythology) - Τιτάν)

Titus (Enjoy respect - (Latin origin) - Τίτος)

Tom (Nickname of Thomas, Twin - (Hebrew origin) - Τομ)

Triantafyllos (Rose - (Medieval Greek origin) - Τριαντάφυλλος)

Trifon (Lusty - (Ancient Greek origin but modern name) - Τρύφων)

Tyron (King - (Latin origin) - Τήρων)


Uranios (Heavenly, Muse of astronomy - (Ancient Greek origin but modern name) - Ουράνιος)


Vaggelis (The person who brings good news - Nickname of Euaggelos - (Ancient Greek origin, but modern name) - Βαγγέλης)

Vaios (Branch of palm tree - (Ancient Egyptian origin) - Βάιος)

Vakchos (Errant - God Dionisos - (Ancient Greek origin) - Βάκχος)

Valantis (Gold money - Nickname of Chrisovalantis - (Modern Greek origin) - Βαλάντης)

Valentinos (Valentine - Healthy, Strong (Latin origin) - Βαλεντίνος)

Valerianos (Strong - (Roman origin) - Βαλεριανός)

Valerios (Strong - (Roman origin) - Βαλέριος)

Varnavas (Son of prophet - (Hebrew origin) - Βαρνάβας)

Vasilikos (Royal (Modern Greek origin) - Βασιλικός)

Vasilios (With royal blood, Regal - (Ancient Greek origin, but modern name) - Βασίλειος)

Vasilis (Royal - Nickname of Vasilios (Ancient Greek origin, but modern name) - Βασίλης)

Velissarios (White prince (Slavic origin) - Βελισσάριος)

Vellerefontis (Ancient Greek name - Βελλερεφόντης)

Venetios (Venice - (Latin origin) - Βενέτιος, Βενετσάνος)

Veronis (Protector - (Latin and French origin) - Βερόνης)

Victor (Victor - Win (Roman origin) - Βίκτωρ, Βίκτορας)

Vincentios (Vincent - Win (Roman origin) - Βικέντιος)

Vissarion (Severe - (Latin origin) - Βησσαρίων)

Vladimiros (Vladimir - Dominate (Russian origin) - Βλαδίμηρος)

Voukolos (Shepherd of oxes - (Ancient Greek origin) - Βουκόλος)


Xanthus (Yellow - (Ξάνθος))

Xenios (Hospitable - (Ancient Greek origin) - Ξένιος)

Xenokratis (He who keeps foreigners away - (Ancient Greek origin) - Ξενοκράτης)

Xenophandos (He who looks like a foreigner - (Ancient Greek origin) - Ξενόφαντος)

Xenophon (Brave leader of foreigners, Sounds strange - (Ancient Greek origin) - Ξενοφών)

Xenos (Stranger - (Ancient Greek origin) - Ξένος)


Yuri (Nickname of George - Farmer, To work the earth - (Ancient and Medieval Greek origin) - Γιούρι)


Zafirios (Precious, sapphire - (Ancient Greek origin) - Ζαφείριος)

Zaxarias (He who remembers, also sugar - (Hebrew origin) - Ζαχαρίας)

Zenobios (Strength of Jupiter - (Ancient Greek origin) - Ζηνόβιος)

Zenos (Gift of Zeus - (Ancient Greek origin) - Ζήνος)

Zephyros (Wind of spring - (Ancient Greek origin) - Ζέφυρος)

Zeus (God, He provides good life - (Ancient Greek origin) - Ζεύς or Δίας)

Zinon (Zeus - (Ancient Greek origin) - Ζήνων)

Zoellus (Son of Zoe, Lively - (Ancient Greek origin) - Ζωϊλος)

Zosimos (Lively - (Ancient Greek origin) - Ζώσιμος)

Zoticus (Lively - (Ancient Greek origin) - Ζωτικός)